What is responsible travel?

Responsible travel started years ago and was originally related to Eco tourism that promotes protection of environment.

While practising tourism, small communities can preserve their tradition and custom, making sure to reinvest in creating more jobs, to protect national heritage and in development of their local community.

Serbia is the one of the most suitable destinations for ethno tourism. Inside this country is undiscovered beauty, diverse and specific ethnic origin, ethnically preserved culture and tradition. While practising responsible travel, we will help to develop ethno tourism potential in Serbia and create an opportunity for people all over the world who are interested in ethno tourism to visit and to discover rare and old traditional culture,hospitality and mentality of Serbian people, as well as to enjoy in their food, drinks and customs. 

Ethno tourism focuses more on people than on environment. While travelling tourists can learn specific cultural habits, handcraft, national dance, how to prepare different food or similar.

However, real responsible travel depends equally of tourists. Feedback about your travel and experience in Serbia with our holiday suppliers will be published on our pages and will provide transparency about our activities and contribution to the local community.